HbbTV application development by RedSmart

HbbTV brings all kinds of broadcaster applications, information and entertainment to the TV screen. Many consumers owning an HbbTV enabled TV or HbbTV enabled set-top box are enticed to connect it to their broadband connection, as the diversity and attractiveness of applications offered are increasingly attractive ranging from VoD apps, catch-up TV, to video on-demand and games.

RedSmart is your development partner for all kinds of HbbTV apps:


The most common application for any TV channel is the HbbTV EPG app. Unlike the old fashioned teletext, with an HbbTV EPG, all data can be enriched with graphics, images and even videos for any show. Check the projects section for examples.

HbbTV Teletext

Another very popular app type is the HbbTV Teletext for news and weather services. These kinds of services are mostly based on RSS feeds and are automatically generated. Check the projects section for examples.

HbbTV Catch-up Services or VOD portals

An HbbTV catch-up service allows the user to choose the content or the television show they want to watch from an archive of content or from a channel directory. An HbbTV VOD portal gives the viewer the option to watch movies and films from a TV channel’s licensed stock. Check the projects section for examples.

HbbTV Games

Playing leisure games on HbbTV is very popular. A user can play poker, Sudoku, chess, solitaire, etc., all with just the remote control. Easy and fun. Check the projects section for examples.

Idea & Concept

RedSmart and its team brings broad experience in developing HbbTV applications and is ideating, co-creating and validating new ideas and concepts based on validated insights. We know how to take care of usability, navigation and interface design. On top of that, our ideas and concepts are always tailor-made, taking the needs, time and budget of our customers into account.


Having designed over a dozen HbbTV applications for different brands and purposes, the design team of Redsmart excels at creating visually compelling apps. Our work combines a thorough understanding of our clients’ goals and the need to capture their audiences’ attention with eye-catching designs. Check out the projects section to see some examples.

CE HTML & JavaScript

The Redsmart team brings knowledge, understanding and experience of JavaScript/​AJAX/​JQuery as well as CE HTML and CSS. Our HbbTV applications are always following the latest HbbTV standards and are tested/adjusted for all common HbbTV enabled devices (TVs and set-top boxes).

SMS Setup

As RedSmart has developed their own Drupal-based HbbTV CMS, all applications can be CMS enabled in order to have a full featured content management system in hand: Scheduling/planning videos, editing, managing and scheduling text and image content, publishing, versioning, user management with rights and roles and everything else that a state of the art CMS has to offer.

API Programming

Depending on the existing internal infrastructure of our customers, we connect new and existing HbbTV applications with internal API’s in order to set up fully automated applications: VOD portals, News/Weather services, Teletext and EPG. We understand and support all common protocols (REST, XMLRPC, JSON-RPC, SOAP, AMF) and formats (XML, JSON, JSONP, CSV, SQL).